Anyone ever use sliced canned apples in an apple pie??  I am a strictly "from scratch" baker but I saw these in the store today and was wondering about them.  I am trying to find a way to lower my pie price, but they are just so time consuming made the way I am doing it.  It could be very convenient for large orders at the holidays.  I picked up a 6 lb. can for a little over $6.  This is not apple pie filling just sliced apples in water and citric acid.  Any comments?

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What method are you using for your pie filling? I think IQF (frozen) it a little more cost efective then fresh or canned. They should work fine just without the crunch that the fresh or IQF provide. Hope this helps.
Im going to try them out as soon as I have some free time.  I use a cooked method so that I dont get a big pocket of air under my crust.  I haven't seen the frozen, but I will check them out, thanks :)

I've combined IQF and canned/bucket of apple product when doing pies in volume. The IQF apples give you some texture in you baked pie. When you use the canned stuff only, the filling gets too soft. If I had to use only canned apples I'd make up my pies well in advance and freeze them. Then bake off from a frozen state....that will help against the over baked filling. You could also use some fresh apple in place of the IQF, since you don't have any.

You can get IQF threw alot of suppliers ask around............try to find granny smith or a nice baking apple if you can find a selection. To the two types of apples don't forget to season it up and you probably need more thickener too.

Good Luck

Thank you Wendy.  I am looking into where I can buy IQF.  I sent them an e-mail but haven't heard back yet. I am attending an industry meeting tomorrow night.  Maybe someone there will know.  I appreciate your response. 
Yes, definitely ask about the type of apple in the IQF type: one of my distributors carries an IQF granny smith, while a second one has a "no-name" IQF which seems to be a mix of different apple varieties.

I almost always use fresh apples, but I would say IQF over canned simply because water is the enemy of pie.  We do par cook our filling regardless of the type of apples used to alleviate the water issue, but with these canned apples I would imagine they might already be too soft to cook more than once. 

With fresh or IQF, we spread them on sheet/hotel pans with the spices/sugars, etc and bake stirring once or twice.  They still have a bite to them so they do not turn to mush when baked into the pie. (at this point, we either refrigerate in a cambro or freeze the filling assembled in pies if we are not baking them immediately).

My concern with these apples would be that they would introduce a lot of liquid and would be similar to applesauce if you opted to par bake and then fill and bake your pies.

I pretty much share Kristi's opinion. If you do use it, you are probably going to have to play around with it to get the texture you're looking for. I've never used anything other than fresh apples, so I think there would be a learning curve for me to make a change, and that in and of itself would be time consuming.

I have never used sliced canned apples for my apple pies. I only use fresh fruit. I know it is time consuming, but I don't really like to compromise the flavor. That's just my opinion though.




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