Anyone have a great whoopie pie filling recipe? 

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What about Italian meringue, or marshmallow?

Yes!Peanut Butter Dulce 28 oz dulce de leche (you can make your own or buy already prepared dulce)8-14 oz (per your tastes) creamy peanut butter (we find that jif or skippy produce the best flavor)1 tsp vanilla pasteThis recipe is ridiculously easy and plays well with others, but it is particularly fond of a nice chocolate cake or whoopie pie (when we use it for cake fillings, we like to pair it with a swiss or italian brown sugar buttercream icing)1. warm the dulce de leche to get it to a soft and smooth consistency.2. add the desired amount of peanut butter and stir to combined over a low heat (this can be done in 10 second increments in a microwave as well)3. add vanilla and stir.
4. cool completely (can be refrigerated, but must be out at room temp for a bit before using) and spread or pipe between your whoopie pies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, macaron, toast, english muffin or favorite spoon.  We can not make this fast enough!**If you find the consistency to be very thick, you can thin it out with a tbs or two of cream. You can also add a drop or two each of yellow and orange gel color to get a more vibrant color, though we typically leave it alone because the taste more than makes up for the typical Peanut Butter color!  Keeps for about 10 days in airtight container and stored in cooler, IF you don't find yourself putting it on everything in sight :)Another favorite is Mocha Hazelnut
8 oz Albert Uster brand Nochella (or any bakeable hazenut chocolate spread, nutella tends to be a bit too runny for this)12-16 oz. whipping cream (more or less depending on desired consistency)coffee extract or espresso powder to taste1. soften the nochella (does not need to be melted just soft enough to whip on a kitchenaid mixer with a whip attachment2. add cream a little at a time until you get the desired piping consistency3. add coffee extract or powder to taste4. whip on high speed until light and fluffy (3-5 minutes)5. chill to firm up a bit if needed (not too long or it will be a bit too stiff) and then spread or pipe on your whoopie pies!Keeps for about 4-5 days in an airtight container in the cooler.Most of the ingredients are easy to find apart from the Nochella (though I know you can use gianduja in a block form and melt it if the Nochella is not something you can readily get your hands on, you would just have to melt it and let it cool to room temp before adding the whipping cream, etc and adjust the ratios to get the right piping consistency)

not sure why all my formatting went away, but I can email you the recipes if you like :)




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