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I've been using a product called Garnivite, which is made by Carma.  It's a chocolate made just for writing on cakes, plates, etc.  Our supplier says it's not being made anymore.  We've got a substitute now, called scrivosa, but we aren't happy with it, since it doesn't re-melt well.  Anyone else know of another, similar product?

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I used to use that; as well as the stuff from Albert Uster Imports.  I found that I didn't need the aggravation of chipping a little bit from the pail and melting it when it was time to write on a cake, so I gave up.  Now I just melt a some callets in a glass measure, make a cornet and keep it on top of the ovens (this is a hazard, to be honest with you.  they fall down a lot!) so it is ready when I need it.  I do like the little waxed blocks of cornet paper they sell, and I buy several blocks at a time so we always have them.  Parchment just doesn't do it, and neither does a disposable bag.


You could possibly use a pate a glace or the Ultra Rondos from Felchlin (this is what I use for dipping cheesecake lollipops and cookies) - it will harden on contact with the plate because the plate is cold -

We don't have a good place to keep a cornet melted, poor oven design I guess.  I'm assuming when you say callets, you mean couverture?  Doesn't it get streaky if it's not in temper?  That's why I use the garnivite.  How do you like the stuff from Albert Uster?  I haven't tried it, but did see a mention of it online.  They didn't say what brand it was, but I'm curious

the AUI stuff is their own brand; they used to resell Carma, but not anymore.  I liked it when I used it, it was just too expensive and too much aggravation to melt just a little bit.

I have used the scrivosa..its ok..My old chef showed me a trick Ive been using since..Melt a little couverture in a bowl then add about 2 drops of water..Mix well then pipe as needed..Also works with coating chocolate. Nice and shinny. Hope this idea helps..

I've also done this, but add corn syrup instead.  It doesn't remelt well though.  Thanks for the tip though

How much chocolate would you say to use with the water?

It doesn't get streaky, at least I haven't noticed it when I'm using it to write with.  The cornet papers are small triangles so they get used up quickly on a busy day.  I use whatever callets/chips we have on hand, sometimes it's Callebaut and sometimes it's Shokinag (or whatever they're called now).


The rondos can get gloppy when they're overheated; a few places I know keep the bucket on the top of the convection ovens so it's warm all the time and liquefies faster when put in a bain marie.



I tried this using clairafied butter..Worked pretty well..remelted pretty well..Im sure a bit of oil would work .

We use a couple sprays of pan-spray in a small cornet with the chocolate. We set it on top of a warm place and it stays nice all day for writing.





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