There's a new chocolate brand (at least it's new to me) named Chocoa.  Is anyone familiar with this brand?  If so, can you tell me about it?


T. Jones


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T - I have never heard of this brand.  If you try it, let us know what you think. 



Will do.

Not that new ;) I cut off the callebaut which for me was way too thick,(i dont know if that come from my provider who might have huge amount of stock).... so since then i switch to chocoa, the 72% 10kg box is at 84 $, the lactee is not too bad too, but the pearl ( white) has to be used very quickly or it get way too thick. In that case i add 8 to10 % of cocoa butter.

I use that brand for all my production, from molding, to mousse and decorations.

I order it through qzina

Just as qzina or marque foods for samples and see for yourself.



I just bought bulk Chocoa,  I like the taste a lot but found out that the Select Milk 30 % and Pearl White 29 % is also very thick, not very fluid like I would like it be..any suggestions on making it more fluid? I will be using it for dipping and enrobing..

I just do this at home and love working creatively with chocolate...

Thanks for any advice ( Chocoa users out there!)

Yep, as said just above, for the milk chocolate you add 10% cocoa butter, for the pearl you can try 12 to 15 %.  add the cocoa butter while you melt the chocolate .

Thanks! Have you ever heard of paramount crystals ? Do you think that would work too? I just know I can't get Cocoa butter as readily available (around here where I live) as I can get those crystals but I have never worked with it...any thoughts?! And thanks for your expertise Sylvain! :-)
Yeah well  it's basically some palm oil, so i guess it will make the chocolate more fluid, not sure if you'll get the snap ;)
I have bought it -Chocoa-  in the store "Restaurant Depot" .. well the cocoa powder of that brand.  It is u- sweetened, not dutched.  Works well in cakes, etc.
I use the white all the time for my ganaches. We sell the dark, milk and white at our store.  i like it better than Callebaut. I only use the white myself, my primary brands that I use are Cocoa Barry, Valrhona, and Felchlin.  It is a very good price as well.
HI Debra, which brand of  Chocoa white do you use? Do you have a brand you recommnend for candy making?




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