Hi everyone,

I thought I found a chocolate supplier that I liked, but no.  I'd like to get Barry Callebaut chocolate.  Does any of you have any suggestions on suppliers.  I used to like Qzina's but they're too high.

T. Jones



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Everybody is high. Chocolate has gone up a lot this last couple of years. The best thing to do is talk to your local wholesale suppliers and get pricing. In the Seattle area, I primarily get my supplies form three local distributors with some overlap - as in they all carry Barry Callebaut. Their prices can swing quite wide from each other, even at wholesale. I won't mail order chocolate in the summer, so an online source is out even if a lot cheaper.

Have you heard of Bloomer Chocolates?  They are a chocolate manufacturer here in Chicago.

It's Blommer Chocolate on 600 kinzie. They have a small retail store on the corner, you can purchase and see if you like it.

I am in chicago and have never heard of Bloomer.  I'll have to check that out.  I have used Midwest for chocolate, though apart from batons and gianduja I prefer felchlin.  Qzina does have their orchid line that is more affordable, but the percentages are different than most other chocolate manufacturers and can wreck havoc on your formulas :)

I believe in chicago you can get it direct from Barry Callebaut as they have a school in the city, FYI.  But we also have Midwest Imports.  I do order chocolate online from time to time, though I try to bulk up before the peak summer months.  If you must order in summer, pay for overnight and any preventative packaging they offer for warm months.  But, in general I'd say save yourself the $ and head ache and try to plan ahead and order before summer or switch to a local vendor in those months.

I totally forgot about Midwest Imports.  That's the source that our professors used when I was in school.

I like Midwest, they have a ton of options and seem a bit more reasonable than other vendors.  Or at least they tend to have promotions on relevant items more often :) Plus, our rep always had the best samples!  He's with another company now which is a bummer, but I like Midwest.

where did you go to school?

Triton College in River Grove.

You may want to try Midwest Imports, IL (708-236-1500) or Great Lakes Gourmet, MI (248-735-1700)




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