I am planning on making macarons for the first time. I have pasturized egg whites instead, would that work as well after aging them for a few days?

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If you can be 100% certain these pasturized egg whites have never been frozen you can use them but your volume won't be as nice as with fresh (never frozen or pasturized) egg whites.

Hi Jennifer, thanks for your help, I will skip the pasturized whites as I bought them at Costco lol. I will go ahead and use fresh.

Don't buy anything at Costco.  I tossed my membership card years ago, I'm one of those chefs that won't use anything that's processed or pre-packaged if I can help it.  Good luck with the macarons!  I made some last week, the flavours were:  Black sesame, white truffle (the fungus truffle using white truffle oil), pistacho and rose water.  All gone now and my clients are begging for more!

Hint: Don't let the macrons sit before baking for anymore than 10 minutes, the egg whites lose too much volume.

Jennifer, I have been looking for a Macaron recipe that has been tested and is a trusted recipe.  I didn't want to just pick one from the net and not have someone that can say that Yes this is great or No don't bother with it, because they are so finicky and time consuming.


My question to you is, would you mind sharing your recipe, I am just dying to try them and would love to be able to serve these over the holidays.  Another question, can they be frozen prior to filling if I was to make a large batch of them?


Thank you so much for your help.



Hi Annette:  I spent the entire day yesterday making 150 macrons in 4 flavours!  Black Sesame, Dulce de leche with smoked salt, Rose water and pistacho.  Attached is a link to my blog, at the end is the recipe with a really, really easy buttercream recipe!  This recipe is rock solid, HOWEVER, your oven temperature is key, the recipe says 310 F temp., but I ended getting the best results between 300 and 310 F.  Also, I could only use the top rack in my oven, when I used the rack below, they didn't come out at all! You also have to check them after 10-12 minutes of baking, I found they were done when they came off the parchment paper cleanly, although sacrificing a couple along the way.  I also have in the recipe to not let them dry for more than 10 minutes, however because I couldn't use my oven to its capacity, some dried for 30 + minutes and they came out as perfect as the first batch (don't put in the fridge).


You can freeze them but they will be dry and crumbly and any aficionado of the French Macron will notice.  I have never frozen them because they go so fast off my shelf but I don't think it would be a good idea.  They will keep for over a week, if they last that long...hehe.  Tonight my macron madness continues with passion fruit flavour!  Another flavour I have made is white truffle, using white truffle oil in a white chocolate ganache.  I'm talking the fungus here.  The rose water is my all time favourite though.  Store them in an open container - no refrigeration or they will go soggy.


Let me know how it goes!





Hi Annette: have you had a chance to make any yet?  I made green ones last night with a cardamom saffron filling.

Jennifer -

Do you use the French formula or the Italian formula for your mararons? 

Thank you.



I use the French formula, tried both, same result, so go with the easier, faster option.  Also, I find if your ground almond product is good quality you don't need to put it in the food processor with your icing sugar like some methods call for.  It seems some pastry chefs, cook book authors and celebrity chefs make these things into some kind of holy grail and really they aren't that scary at all.  It's all about the fresh egg whites at room temperature, good quality ground almonds and the first batch you know is going to go wrong, and knowing your oven, after that's it's smooth sailing!

I apologize for the delayed reply, Jennifer, but I wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer my question.  I appreciate all of your help!!



I'm so sorry, I didn't get notification of any more conversations on this topic and I just happened to check today and to my surprise there was lots of activity :-(


I am definitely going to try these out when it stops raining around here!


Thank you so much for sharing your recipe and experience!



I have been making macarons very successfully.  Helene Dujardin of Tartelette.  www.tarteletteblog.com has excellent recipes, and they all come out great.  I have tried the ground almond flour, and using a food processor to process myself, and doing it myself has yielded the most amazing results!  flavors I have made...white chocolate raspberry, fresh made raspberry preserves, passion fruit, milk chocolate hazelnut....and many more!  Jennifer I love your flavor combos!  Happy mac making everyone!




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