Want to learn how to make French Macarons? Tricks from M.O.F.s ! Finally, learn how to bake this cookie !

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Comment by Heide S Thompson on February 17, 2012 at 1:50am

Bless you! Yes I have your book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was also pleased that someone as skilled as you are is teaching at my alma mater. I have tried most of what you suggest, ignoring that I convert to metric/celcius.

I wish it were convection! It is a gas deck oven the chef/owner's father got and it works very well on the top ven, the lower oven runs hot. Never been regulated,jeje.

I tried the 200, turn the oven off, as Adriano zumbo suggests as a drying technique and then turning onto 135c for 7 minutes, but some cracked and others had thin shells I thought,.

Ironically I have a gaggenau(dont ask the insanity of that in Japan) and also an Hitachi gps both with convection and the macarons are beautiful. That is why I keep thinking it is a baking problem. But yes, I would be eternally indebted to you for the 70 different mof and top chef recipes, as I have to make around 200-400 a month as wedding cake plating decorations.in addition to the petit four sec plates.

And thank you for responding so quickly!

I will retry these techniques you mention and get back to you. Again, Thank you!


Comment by Kathryn Gordon on February 16, 2012 at 5:51am

Hi - sounds like you still need to find the baking answer for you and your oven.   if you, or anyone wants to email me a photo of what's happening to them exactly you can and I will do the troubleshooting for your baking situation...  Just send an attachment to kathrynlmg@yahoo.com.

If you have the book, I assume you've already tried the trick about propping open the oven door 2/3 in to the baking time (like when you turn the heat to 350F bake 6 minutes, then prop open).  Or if you're in commercial convection, prop the door open.  To go further, I need to know:  how many sheet pans are you using...  May need to go to 1 pan if you're using 2.  If you have the book, first follow the alternate baking instructions after the Troubleshooting Guide.  They seemed to work for most of the recipe testers with what you're describing above, browning and or too raw.    If those don't work for you, try this one:  preheat to 400F.  Put in macarons (after you pipe, no drying at all) and bake 7 minutes BUT TURN OFF THE HEAT.  After 7 minutes, turn the oven back on to 400F and bake 7 minutes.  Might be the trick to get them to cook without browing.  Try some on 1 pan and try some on 2 pans...  If that doesn't work, I've got about 70 different MOF and top chef macaron recipes and baking procedures I can get you to try, so email!  

Comment by Heide S Thompson on February 16, 2012 at 1:48am

I now own more books on macaron making than I am proud to admit. Having to make them regularly for the restaurant, I continue to struggle-mostly with the oven and oven temperature and time. I use an old deck oven. Having used this book as well, while very informative, it gave limited advice on ovens. After two years of research I have come to agree with the authors that almost every chef has a favourite recipe or technique so find the one that works for you. but if anyone has advice on how to get them to bake consistently without browning or being too raw ,please let me know! Thanks. (They look as though they were cooking at my old culinary school....I wonder?)

Comment by mohammed ahmed mujahed on January 24, 2012 at 5:27pm

really wow



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